The Drew Research Lab for Autonomous Robotic Millisystems

About The Lab

The driving goal behind our work is to make insect-scale robots truly useful as tools in industrial, commercial, and personal settings. This means not only overcoming the extreme resource constraints imposed by their scale, but also delivering capabilities that are wholly unique. Our work ties numerical simulation together with cutting-edge microfabrication and meso-scale assembly techniques, exploring novel actuation, communication, and sensing modalities for holistically-designed systems. Sometimes we look to nature for inspiration, like in the design of multifunctional components for acoustic communication; often we look beyond it, like in the creation of silent, solid-state atmospheric ion thrusters for flight. In all cases, energy and payload constraints demand systems designed from the ground up, tightly integrated, and at the bleeding edge of possibility.


Research Positions Available

Positions are currently available for graduate and undergraduate students interested in working in the lab. Please contact Prof. Drew with a note about your interests and a CV!

Recent News

New group website
A place to display our projects and publications, and hopefully soon how much fun it is to be a member of the lab!

Paper at ICRA 2021
Prof. Drew presented work on low overhead acoustic communication for soft robots at ICRA2021; check out the publications page.

Paper at Transducers 2021
Prof. Drew presented work on high power density electrohydrodynamic jets at Transducers 2021; check out the publications page.